What happens with the new Marina Project in Marbella?

There seems to be problems with the development of the project. At the end of January the AAPP (Agencia Publica de Puertos de Andalucia) gave a final deadline of 3 months to Nassar Abdullah & Sons, controlled by Al-Thani (owner of Málaga Football Club) to face the outstanding payments, 2012 and 2013 cannon annuities, a total of 1,5 million Euros. In addition they will also need to take over pending payments to the 3 companies currently in charge of the port services, such as security, control center and crew services companies. Other issues in relation with the project are also pending such us the presentation of the construction project for the beginning of the works that was initially presented in June and was required to correct some errors and to complete the documentation and other legal matters like the formation of the management company for the new Marina . It seems that this is the last chance for the developers to take over the management and expansion of the La Bajadilla Port, signed in March 2011.


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